Y Learn - Learning Resources for YMCA GTA


1. My course won’t launch and I get a blank or black screen - what do I do?

Pop-up blockers are the most common reason for a course not being launched successfully. Before launching a course, ensure that your browser’s pop-up manager is set to allow pop-ups from “ylearngta.org”

The issue is the Flash default permissions at your Browser level. You may change your browser to Internet Explorer or Safari. If you are using Google Chrome please read below.

Google has tightened permissions of what plugins can run in the LMS. Flash is still allowed, but you need to change it to be allowed to run by default.

The Default Google Chrome Setup

Change your Flash default from Ask to Allow.

Once you change your default setting to "Allow (Default)", you should be able to click 'Launch' for any course, and it will run. The following visual will guide you on how to adjust your browser settings.

Google Chrome Flash Setup Image


Internet Explorer Compatibility View Settings

In order for Y Learn to work correctly in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7 or Windows 8, IE 10 must be set to compatibility mode. If the compatibility mode is not enabled, the progress wheel will spin but you will never be taken to the link location.
 1. Open Internet Explorer 10 and then press the Alt key.
 2. On the Tools menu, click Compatibility View settings.

3. Add https://ylearngta.org to the list of websites with Compatibility View enabled.
   a. In the Add this website: box, type https://ylearngta.org, and then click Add.
   b. In the Add this website: box, type ylearngta.org, and then click Add.

4. Click Close.

2. How can I print my course completion certificate or record?

After successfully completing all of the content and the e-learning module (if applicable), you can print a certificate for your records. Some of the e-Learning modules have built-in certificates at the end of the training you can print that certificate. To print your completion records:

  1. After logging in click “Transcript” on the top menu ribbon
  2. You will be presented with a list of learning activities completed and in progress. You can sort them by clicking “completion” item on the top of the list.
  3. Select « View » on completed courses and then you can either directly print that screen or you can download a pdf transcript by clicking the pdf icon located both top and bottom of the table.